Month: February 2023

Meet Wayne Honeycutt, Jr.

Wayne Honeycutt, Jr. | Owner of The Shop

Today we honor Black History Month by shining a light on local barbershop owner Wayne Honeycutt, Jr. Wayne has owned The Shop for over 40 years and currently serves as President of the Woodlawn Business Association. 

The barbershop is a special place in the Black Community, as it serves as a hub for leadership development, education, and cultural enrichment. Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Wayne was instilled with a vision for Black Excellence and has been dedicated to providing top-notch services to his customers, family, and community. 

To continue elevating and supporting Black Culture, Wayne believes WE must continue amplifying messages of Black Excellence, owning properties, building legacies, and positively impacting the community. 

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Meet Anita Craig

Anita Craig | Owner of Trvl Love Koffee 

Anita Craig is a driven, family-oriented coffee connoisseur who dared to take a chance in the coffee industry. As the owner of Trvl Love Koffee, Anita is breaking barriers and creating opportunities for individuals to see themselves as entrepreneurs. Despite not being a coffee drinker, she specializes in African and Indonesian coffees and is passionate about telling their stories. With a culinary degree and a background in bartending, Anita always knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

Seeing individuals who look like you succeed in business inspires others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. In addition, representation leads to a more inclusive and innovative business community where everyone feels valued and heard. Today, Anita is helping to create a gathering spot that uplifts and feeds Woodlawn’s soul. 

Remember, support is a verb that requires a lot of intentionality, so let’s continue to elevate and support Black culture and businesses in Woodlawn! Visit Trvl Love Coffee inside Woodlawn Marketplace Wednesday – Saturday 7am – 3pm!

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Meet Teretia Jones

Teretia Jones | Woodlawn Resident 

Meet Teretia Jones, a proud resident of Woodlawn for over 38 years. 

Ms. Jones is now a retiree from Otis Elevator 40! Teretia has seen the Woodlawn Community as it ebbed and flowed over the years. 

Teretia reminisces about being the first Black family on her street, where she serves her community faithfully. Ms. Jones prefers leading from the back by actively supporting Woodlawn’s leaders and engaging with the neighborhood association to build a resilient and inclusive community. This Black History Month, we asked Teretia what it means to her, her thoughts on building equity and inclusivity in our communities, and her advice: “Don’t let the naysayers say you can’t do it. Instead, surround yourself with people who support you and your diverse thoughts.” 

Together, WE will continue to champion Black culture in Woodlawn, have meaningful conversations, and make a positive impact that will create legacies of equity and inclusiveness for future generations.

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