Community Wellness


About Our Community Wellness Initiatives

We believe community wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. In order to cultivate the healthy and safe neighborhood that Woodlawn’s citizens deserve, we are working with residents and partners to provide access to health services, wellness programs in schools, more green space, walking trails, healthy food, quality retail amenities, and more.

Post COVID-19 Community Action

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Woodlawn United provided health, economic, and e-learning resources for the Woodlawn community.

By collaborating with community partners, we organized and promoted COVID-19 vaccine pop-ups for Woodlawn residents. Additionally, to encourage Woodlawn residents to wear masks in response to COVID-19, we promoted the #StayCoveredTogether awareness campaign alongside Purpose Build Communities.

We convened a group of twenty community partners, known as the Woodlawn Area Food Insecurity Collaboration (WAFIC), to monitor needs, facilitate connections, and troubleshoot challenges arising in the area of food insecurity for Woodlawn families. Together, the direct-service partners in the collaboration have served more than 1,200 families on a weekly basis since the pandemic began, offering access to fresh produce, dry and frozen goods, and prepared meals.

We also partnered with Neighborhood Housing Services to be the fiduciary on the Woodlawn Rental Assistance Program (WRAP). WARP assisted Woodlawn and East Lake residents who needed rental assistance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To support students during the transition to remote learning, Woodlawn United provided 300 iPads for use in e-learning. We also worked with Bayles Catering to fund 1,100 lunches for Woodlawn students.

The Homeowner Relhabilitation Programs

The Homeowner Rehabilitation Program provides much needed repairs to homes in the Woodlawn community. Through the program, existing Woodlawn homeowners are able to apply for up to $10,000 in grants for renovations that address health and safety issues and enhance the quality of life for residents whom otherwise might not be able to afford the repairs. Typical repairs may include roof replacements and floor stabilizations as well as plumbing and electrical system upgrades. The program helps reduce foreclosure risk and protects the equity in residents’ homes. Thanks to several corporate, community and national funding partners, HRP has invested over $1.4 million and served over 128 families to date.

(WE) Lead

(WE) Lead Fellowship Program identifies individuals who desire to improve their community and give voice to traditionally underrepresented community members. Fellows engage in weekly training to learn from political, business, and community leaders. The program serves as a catalyst for fellows to become community leaders as they seek out new areas of service and set out to impact Woodlawn. (WE) Lead’s priority is to give fellows real-life skills they can use as members of the Woodlawn community in personal, professional, and civic capacities. The goal is to create sustainable leadership where fellows use their skills to identify, assess, and solve community problems.