Woodlawn Sunday Dinner

There are few things in life sweeter than Sunday dinner in the South. It is a time when families put differences and cares and worries aside and participate in the ritual of breaking bread together in gratitude. They find joy in the savoring.

Sunday dinner in the south

Woodlawn Sunday Dinner was born out of a desire to celebrate Woodlawn and create a way for residents and donors to break bread together - an encounter that might not happen otherwise. It is an annual Woodlawn United fundraiser benefiting the Homeowner Rehabilitation Program, Woodlawn WORx, and general operating expenses that keep our team in Woodlawn moving our mission forward to build a pathway to prosperity. Woodlawn Sunday Dinner is held in the heart of Woodlawn and always includes diverse guests, delicious food, and jovial music. Each year, guests enjoy tastings prepared by area chefs with ties to Woodlawn and the surrounding community.

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