Who we are

Purpose - Built Communities

Our Solution

Tackling such complex, deeply-rooted issues as intergenerational poverty, unsafe environments, high crime, and failing schools presents many challenges. The solution—and the basis for the Purpose Built Communities model—is a coordinated holistic approach based on quality and focused on sustainability. The Purpose Built Communities holistic approach grew from the knowledge that it’s not enough to improve or replace a single aspect of a struggling neighborhood.

Defined Neighborhood

Neighborhoods are the unit of change that can have the greatest impact on people’s lives, changing life trajectories for the lowest-income residents, creating greater racial equity, economic mobility and health outcomes.

Community Quarterback

Independent non-profit organization solely dedicated to the ongoing revitalization of the neighborhood. Aligns partners and resources from all sectors—including neighborhood residents—and sets strategy for the overall effort based on the community’s vision.

Mixed-Income Housing

Safe, high-quality housing serving residents at all income levels with a high percentage designated to preserve long-term, permanent affordability in the neighborhood. Watch video to explore the importance of mixed-income housing.

Cradle-to-College Education Pipeline

High-quality, neighborhood-serving continuum for student growth, learning, and achievement at every level starting at birth and through college and beyond.

Community Wellness

Community-specific mix of facilities, programs, and services that honor local history, reflect the priorities of residents, promote healthy lifestyles, create jobs, and reduce crime.