Education Pathways


About Our Education Pathway Initiatives

We believe the key to sustained, meaningful change in Woodlawn is equipping the community through education. Our cradle-to-career education pathway fosters high-quality academic, educational, and workforce development offerings from birth to career to ensure all residents have opportunities to be self-sufficient, autonomous, and improve their quality of life.


To ensure a true pathway, Woodlawn Foundation is focused on providing an early childhood education experience that is closely linked to area elementary schools. In partnership with the James Rushton I Foundation, Woodlawn Foundation recently constructed the James Rushton Early Learning and Family Success Center, a high-quality early learning center in Woodlawn that will be at the heart of a comprehensive child development system ensuring that children are ready to learn when they enter pre-kindergarten. The 16,000 square-foot facility accommodates up to 100 students, ages six weeks to four years old, with enrollment priority given to Woodlawn families. Tuition is based on need, with scholarships available to those meeting the criteria.


I3 Academy, established under the State of Alabama’s Public Charter School law, was created as part of Woodlawn United’s systemic approach to learning that begins at birth and continues through adulthood in the Woodlawn Community. On August 20, 2020, I3 opened its doors to the Woodlawn community, despite the pandemic. The school serves as a high-quality educational option for parents and students in Woodlawn. I3 Academy serves grades K-6 with an enrollment of approximately 520 students and is expanding to include 7th grade for the 2022-2023 school year.

Woodlawn WORx

Woodlawn WORx is a placed-based workforce development initiative to holistically address economic mobility needs within the Woodlawn community. By building key partnerships among best-practice providers, Woodlawn WORx creates a pathway to success. The program employs a multi-generational approach to economic mobility with three areas of focus: academic services, wraparound services support, and job placement services, all easily accessible to residents in the Woodlawn Community. Woodlawn WORx provides workforce development programs including Certified Medical Assistant, Child Development Associate, Construction Trades and IT Help Desk.