Month: December 2021

Woodlawn Foundation Now Accepting Cryptocurrency

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 28, 2021) – Woodlawn Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to the holistic revitalization of the Woodlawn community in Birmingham, is excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, December 28th, 2021, the organization accepted its first Bitcoin donation from supporter Clay McInnis, owner of Commerce Consulting based in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, and early adopter of cryptocurrency. “The number of global crypto users today is the same amount as internet users in 1997. Blockchain technology and digital assets are here to stay,” said McInnis. “The Woodlawn Foundation’s commitment to accept bitcoin is not only exciting for a broad and younger donor base, but a clear signal that innovation and impact in a community goes hand-in-hand.” With the continued growth and popularity of cryptocurrency, Woodlawn Foundation recognizes the importance of meeting the evolving needs of its donors. Accepting cryptocurrency provides new flexibility and an additional opportunity for philanthropy. “At Woodlawn Foundation we take pride in being innovative and using diverse funding opportunities to bring our mission to fruition,” said Mashonda Taylor, Woodlawn Foundation Executive Director. “By adjusting with the times, we enable a new form of donor to partner in our work and further provide the much-needed resources to ensure the continued holistic development of the Woodlawn community.” Cryptocurrency donations can now be made to Woodlawn Foundation via The Giving Block at

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