The Power of WE: Jason Avery

Woodlawn United

July 13, 2022

Who is Jason Avery?

I’m a simple guy that loves his neighborhood. I’ve lived in Woodlawn for 19 years and I’m committed to seeing it thrive. Professionally I work as the Director of International Trial on Carotid Stenting at UAB. I also partner with REV Birmingham which is an organization dedicated to restoring the vibrancy in the commercial corridor of Woodlawn. Lastly, I’m the Vice President for the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association.

What does the Woodlawn Effect mean to you?

It’s a perfect storm of every organization, resident and business joining together to make Woodlawn one of the most vibrant communities in Birmingham. We’re all on one accord to continue to make that goal a reality.

What do you love about Woodlawn?

I love the possibilities of Woodlawn. It’s one of the most vibrant and convenient neighborhoods in Birmingham. I’m literally one block from the business district where I can get everything I need without living my neighborhood.