The Power of We: Bekah Fox

Woodlawn United

July 20, 2022

Who is Bekah Fox?

I’m just a small town girl... I am a doer, I get anxious if I’m still unless it’s a season of stillness. I have always been compelled to work with people or for people in whatever capacity that means in the moment...

What does the Woodlawn Effect mean to you?

A healthy community that exists from mixed income, synergy, community partnership, creating equity for new businesses, and ultimately people doing things.

What do you love about Woodlawn?

I live in East Avondale which is a Woodlawn community. One of the things that I love about Woodlawn is community –in every sense of the word. I would say that residents, business owners, community partners, service providers, and also friends of Woodlawn that’s part of our community. So even if I didn’t live in Woodlawn, I would still identify with it.