The Power of WE: Valencia King

Woodlawn United

July 29, 2022

Who is Valencia King?

I’m a Woodlawn Native and I’ve lived here for over 30 years and I’ve seen Woodlawn through all of it’s iterations. I currently serve as the Woodlawn Neighborhood Association President. Also, I’m an alum of Woodlawn High School.

What does the Woodlawn Effect mean to you?

It’s us, as partners, being daring and problem solving through the efforts we are facilitating to re-energize Woodlawn. It also serves as a model for other residents to take best practices implemented in Woodlawn back to their communities foster their own renaissances.

What do you love about Woodlawn?

It’s my life, it’s home, it’s family. You don’t really get that feel in the suburbs. When I can go into a local establishment and they know me by name, when I can go on my neighbor's porch and discuss how our neighborhood is growing, that is something that you can’t simply replicate.