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A Journey Across America: Insights From Eight Weeks of Community Development - Mashonda S. Taylor

January 20, 2021

The last quarter of 2023 was a whirlwind tour across various cities in the United States - from the vibrant streets of Washington, D. C

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Transformational Healing Through the Power of Yoga

January 20, 2021

This Black History Month, Woodlawn United is sharing the stories of local leaders supporting Black Health and Wellness in our Woodlawn neighborhoods.   Meet Jamella Stroud, owner of Sacred Body Fitness

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Woodlawn United: New Brand, Same Mission

January 20, 2021

Since 2010, the Woodlawn Foundation has served as a catalyst and facilitator for the transformation and revitalization of the Woodlawn community.

Our goal: to work alongside Woodlawn's residents and business owners to create the vibrant and sustainable community they envision

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January 20, 2021

Change doesn’t happen overnight, but (WE) Lead is where the rubber meets the road for program fellows, an intergenerational group ranging from early 20s through retirement. (WE) Lead’s priority is to give fellows real-life skills they can use as members of the Woodlawn community in personal, professional, and civic capacities

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Woodlawn Foundation Now Accepting Cryptocurrency

January 20, 2021

BIRMINGHAM, AL (December 28, 2021) - Woodlawn Foundation, a nonprofit organization committed to the holistic revitalization of the Woodlawn community in Birmingham, is excited to begin accepting cryptocurrency. On Tuesday, December 28th, 2021, the organization accepted its first Bitcoin donation from supporter Clay McInnis, owner of Commerce Consulting based in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, and early adopter of cryptocurrency

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(WE) Lead Fellowship Program

January 20, 2021

Since Woodlawn Foundation's founding in 2010, Woodlawn Foundation's mission has been to serve as a catalyst and facilitator for the transformation and revitalization of the Woodlawn community in Birmingham into a vibrant and sustainable community in which its residents have an opportunity to thrive.

The (WE) Lead Fellowship Program was developed to address the Woodlawn Community's gap in access to leadership development opportunities

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A Journey Across America: Insights From Eight Weeks of Community Development - Mashonda S. Taylor

The last quarter of 2023 was a whirlwind tour across various cities in the United States - from the vibrant streets of Washington, D.C., to the lively neighborhoods of New Orleans, the flourishing businesses in Grand Rapids, the dynamic initiatives in Dallas, the policy discussions in Montgomery, and the impactful gatherings in the heart of New York City. This journey has been a remarkable opportunity to fill my cup, soaking in inspiration from dynamic organizations and individuals all dedicated to fostering communities of opportunity. In this blog, I'll share some highlights from my travels and the invaluable insights gained along the way.

Innovative Strategies in Washington, D.C.:

During my time in Washington, D.C., I engaged in discussions with Center Creek Capital, exploring innovative strategies and touring affordable housing developments. It was a deep dive into the mechanisms that drive community development, setting the stage for the enlightening experiences to follow.

The Power of Place Conference in New Orleans:

The Power of Place Conference in New Orleans, presented by the William Julius Winston Institute and Harlem Children Zone, provided a platform for meaningful dialogue. The key takeaway was the importance of understanding people before aiming for goals and metrics. Solutions, I learned, must match the scale of the problem. Additionally, a visit to the Bayou District Foundation showcased a cradle-to-career pathway, exemplifying intentional efforts to create economic mobility and provided an opportunity for me to hear from some dynamic keynote speakers from the Biden Administration.

Community-Centric Economic Development in Grand Rapids:

Grand Rapids became the backdrop for our Annual Leadership convening hosted by AmplifyGR. Here, the focus was on community-centric economic development. Witnessing the growth of businesses and their positive impact on the community was nothing short of phenomenal.

Jubilee Park's Holistic Approach in Dallas:

Dallas stood out as a favorite with a visit to Jubilee Park, led by the dynamic Marissa Castro. Their community walk-alongs, engagement with residents, and initiatives in community policing and public safety were commendable. Jubilee Park's commitment to holistic well-being, including a high-quality medical clinic, left a lasting impression.

Policy Shaping in Montgomery:

Montgomery provided a platform for discussing government partnerships and policy shaping at the Southeast Philanthropy Conference. Recognizing policy changes as a significant opportunity for lasting community change, the conference emphasized the vital role of philanthropy in advocacy work.

Federal Reserve Gathering in NYC:

In the bustling city of New York, the Federal Reserve hosted leaders from across the nation to discuss creating opportunity-rich communities and facilitating impact investment. The discussions revolved around absorbing capital into communities, and a design team session explored opportunities for impact investments at a community level. The focus was on adjusting tools in community development to pave the way for self-sufficient communities.


To sum it all up, the journey through the final weeks of 2023 was a profound experience filled with insights and inspiration from practitioners dedicated to community development. Each city contributed to the mosaic of knowledge, from innovative strategies and community-centric economic development to policy shaping and impactful gatherings. As we continue the collective effort towards creating opportunity-rich communities, these experiences serve as guideposts, reminding us that community development, economic development, policy-in-action, impact investment, and place matters.


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WE Lead Class II

On April 18th, 12 passionate individuals, aiming to better their communities, completed the Woodlawn Effect Fellowship Program (WE Lead). We proudly celebrated with this group as they became the second cohort of WE Lead Fellows.

WE Lead is designed to address the community’s gap in access to leadership development opportunities. Led by Woodlawn Resident and Woodlawn United Founding Board Member, Myeisha Hutchinson, the intergenerational program is designed to refine and grow participants' leadership skills and challenge them to step outside their comfort zones.

Graduates are prepared to assess, identify, and solve problems in their community and are actively creating positive changes. During the closing ceremony, WE Lead Fellows presented proposals to address issues facing their communities, including community cleanliness and wellness projects.

Rounding out the evening, we were pleased to welcome back Timothy Lanier, WE Lead Fellow Class I, who gave a charge to the graduating fellows, as well as Toi Thronton, WBRC FOX6 Anchor, and Jason Avery, Woodlawn Community President, who joined a leadership panel discussion moderated by WE Lead Program Facilitator, Jason Meadows.

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Annual Reports

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2022 Annual Report

June 30, 2023

2022 was another year fueled by strength, resilience, and collaboration as we worked towards creating the community the residents of Woodlawn have always imagined

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Woodlawn Sunday Dinner

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