WOODLAWN in the news
B-Metro, January 2018
Founded in 2010 by Mike and Gillian Goodrich, Woodlawn Foundation has focused its efforts on breaking the multigenerational cycle of poverty in the once thriving community of Woodlawn. Led by Executive Director Sally Mackin since its inception, the Foundation acts as the “Community Quarterback” to ensure its residents are engaged, included and served.
Woodlawn revitalization: Ending the cycle of poverty through education, housing and wellness
December 18, 2017
The Woodlawn Foundation was founded in 2010 by Mike and Gillian Goodrich to be the lead organization for the holistic revitalization of the Woodlawn community. Their mission: end the cycle of poverty in the Woodlawn Community.
New Beginnings in Birmingham
January 02, 2018
The city of Birmingham is comprised of 99 neighborhoods, but one is most dear to Myeisha Hutchinson’s heart – Woodlawn. An area 15 blocks long by several blocks deep on the north side of the railroad that first defined Birmingham Alabama’s largest city, suburban Woodlawn boomed before World War II, full of young families and excitement.
What's Right With Our Schools: Woodlawn HS early college program
November 2017
Watch this video that talks about how first generation college track students at Woodlawn High School are getting a leg up by racking up college credits in high school.